Whether you’re trying to translate something into a different language, turn your spoken words into text or sift through thousands of saved photos for that one special snapshot, Google has built a “smarter” artificial intelligence system to help.

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Google’s new “TensorFlow” system is the backbone of many of the company’s core functions, ranging from “Smart Reply,” which suggests up to three responses to emails, to speech recognition functions in the Google app.

“TensorFlow is the first serious implementation of a ‘framework for deep learning,’ a concept in artificial intelligence that means computers can learn more abstract concepts that humans traditionally perform better than computers do. For example, a human can recognize an image of the Taj Mahal without thinking much about it; but computers have a lot of trouble with that kind of task — asking a computer to identify the Taj Mahal would require it to go through an entire library of images and hope it gets a match.
TensorFlow simplifies a lot of that research, Courville said, and allows researchers to build their machine learning systems more easily. “With TensorFlow, it’s a set of tools, or a library, that allows you to construct these things and run them in an efficient way.”

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