Tim Cook claims that the new iPad Pro can do anything a laptop can. Here’s how those claims held up over one week.

Can the iPad Pro replace your personal computer? Apple CEO Tim Cook thinks it can. He’s even boasted about his ability to travel sans a computer, using just his iPad Pro and iPhone for all computing needs.

Cook’s stance on replacing PCs with the iPad Pro might not be that far-fetched. Then again, it could be nothing more than Apple’s typical marketing machine kicking into full gear to create hype around the biggest iPad yet. Remember, iPad sales continue to decline and Apple is in need of a spark to reignite its tablet sales.

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With the iPad Pro and iOS 9, I still had the benefit of being forced to focus on the task at hand, but I no longer had to use my Mac. This is as much a testament to the iPad Pro as it is to the advancements Apple has made with iOS.

One hurdle Apple will need to overcome in its bid to sell more iPads is the perception that the iPad Pro can’t do all of the same things a computer can.

The truth is, leveraging the ever-growing third-party app ecosystem, the iPad Pro can do almost everything a computer can.

With that said, using an iPad Pro as a full-fledged computer requires a lot of time and research to get it to a point where you feel comfortable with it being a laptop replacement. Most people aren’t willing to put in that work, and understandably so. Why would you when there’s a perfectly capable computer sitting on your desk?

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