LinkedIn could face intense competition from “Facebook at Work”, which was launched in beta version in the beginning of this year and might be rolled out by the end of 2015, and other new entrants such as Connectifier. While currently LinkedIn competes with other local players such as Xing in Germany and Viadeo in France, given its nearly 400 million strong user base and global presence (spread across 200+ countries), it does not face a serious threat from these local players. However, Facebook@Work and innovative product offerings by smaller start- ups could have the potential to grab a piece of LinkedIn’s pie.

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Although Facebook is banned at several workplaces, the professional version, if separated from its social counterpart, has the potential to become highly popular. If successful, it might be easier for Facebook@Work to surpass LinkedIn’s user base. While Facebook at Work will allow users to connect with professional contacts, its recruiting features are not known. Currently LinkedIn is the most popular social recruiting website.

Connectifier, is using artificial intelligence and a powerful search software that can search across sources to build several online profiles to find the right candidate. Connectifier has the capability to crawl across various social media sites to build the most current profile of a person, thus resolving stale data issues faced by LinkedIn. Both Connectifier and LinkedIn have a similar number of people in their databases but Connectifier claims to have 30 percent more data points per person

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