Samsung’s strategy for achieving domination with its smartwatches: options. All kinds of options. Will that help sell more smart watches?

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Samsung said that its Gear S2 Classic watch will now be available in new finishes and more aesthetic options, Samsung said it’s adding not only new band options, but also new watch faces that will feature artwork from artists now, it only had half a dozen of fairly basic face designs.

It’s also adding more apps, the company said, and that the upcoming models will be equipped with near-field communication technology, the underlying tech for its mobile payment technology, Samsung Pay.

But perhaps Samsung’s boldest move to becoming a bigger smartwatch maker: compatibility with the iPhone, which it says will come later this year. The Gear S2 watches will be able to connect online through a Bluetooth signal from the phone so users can manage their settings instead of having to use an Android phone, it won’t have all the features it would with an Android phone however, such as Samsung Pay.

In September, Samsung added compatibility with the newer versions of Android on certain phones, showing that it’s opening its mind to more mobile devices. Android Wear, Google’s smartwatch operating system, also added iPhone compatibility last summer.

My 2 cents:

Wearables are in, but what the market has demonstrated is a gap in features and perceived benefits on the developer side and interests on the consumer side. Unlike the smartphone, tablet and music player revolutions, smart wearables, specifically watches, wander into the fashion and accessorizing world that tech giants are catching up to. On one hand, Samsung’s cross-compatibility play minimizes the importance of ecosystems in a customar’s choice of smartwatch, on the other, it embraces the watch as a fashion piece on par with a functionality piece.

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