Apple is suddenly trying to fill a lot of open positions at its stores.
Apple posted 15 job listings for U.S. Apple Stores in the past week. That may not seem like many, but there are certainly more than 15 openings, as the listings are not location-specific — each one is for “various” locations and does not specify a number of spots being filled.

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Apple says that there’s no problem keeping retail employees. Apple’s retail operation posted a 81% employee retention rate in 2015:

“We just ended the year with the highest retention rates we’ve ever had: 81%. And the feedback is that it’s because they feel connected… I don’t see them as retail employees. I see them as executives in the company who are touching the customers with the products that Jony and the team took years to build.” – Angela Ahrendts

Ahrendts has more closely integrated Apple’s online and physical retail operations, and has angled Apple’s stores more as a place for users to become familiar with Apple products and the brand than merely a place to buy iPhones. For example, when the Apple Watch first launched, customers could not buy one from the store, although they could book an appointment to try one on.

My 2 cents:

And this isn’t just a US and China trend, Apple Retail is hiring intensely and globally, a clear indicator of how Apple is planning on recovering prestige and results. Angela Ahrendts will be under heavy public scrutiny in 2016 as Apple Retail leads the sales charge Apple needs. On one hand, more stores, on the other, creating a symbiotic online and bricks-and-mortar experience; Ahrendts’ message is clear: Apple will leverage its most unique assets to achieve results that have been recently lacking, its sales force and channels.

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