As a professional network, LinkedIn can feel a bit like Facebook or Google these days — the giant that utterly dominates the market. But perhaps it should be looking over its shoulder.
Glassdoor, one of the US’s three largest job sites, has big ambitions and some include stepping squarely into LinkedIn’s career networking market.

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For now, LinkedIn and Glassdoor are seen as complementary cousins. Glassdoor allows people to review their employers in the same way that TripAdvisor users review hotels. Many of Glassdoor’s visitors are also members of LinkedIn.

A company might find someone using LinkedIn Recruiter and try to convince them to come and work for that company. That person, will probably then go to Glassdoor to understand what it would be like to work for the company wooing them.

Alongside international expansion, and possible competition with LinkedIn, Glassdoor has plenty more on its agenda. One big question for 2016 is whether it will go public. It has been suggested that it could be one of the largest tech IPOs of 2016, and Google is a significant investor.

Job-seeking and applying via phone is something that is broken in our industry, this could have significant implications for growth in less developed countries where the primary means of internet access is via smartphones. Another opportunity is to further exploit the company’s rich data.

My 2 cents:

Basically, Linkedin is where the social networking is taking place and Glassdoor is where the company research is taking place; somewhere between Linkedin Jobs and Glassdoor is where the job applications are taking place. The questions that remain are whether it is easier to move into the job research sphere from a professional networking platform, or to develop a professional networking platform of substance around job searching data, and lastly, which model leads to more seamless job application? Linkedin has shown foresight and determination in order to encourage activation on its member’s part, yet Glassdoor seems to have that open forum under control and, as an open platform, benefits from open searched leading directly to their pages.

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