Adobe pulled down a record $1.36 billion in revenue for its cloud-hosted marketing applications during its last fiscal year, about one quarter of its overall revenue.

A sizable portion of that business is related to mobile applications, which is the primary inspiration for Adobe’s mobile app development platform introduced this week during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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The product, called Adobe Experience Manager Mobile, includes tools for designing mobile apps and connecting them with existing corporate resources, including market content as well as inventory systems or customer databases. The offering is tied closely to the company’s marketing analytics services.

“We’re in a massive state of experimentation right now,” said Matt Assay, vice president of mobile, Adobe Marketing Cloud. “Every single company is struggling with mobile right now, without exception.”

What differentiates Adobe’s software from the myriad of mobile apps development technologies vying for attention?

For one thing, the tools are meant to work seamlessly with the rest of Adobe’s marketing apps so that companies can reuse existing content and assess performance alongside other sorts of digital campaigns. That’s important because roughly two-thirds of the costs associated with many mobile apps is associated with keeping content refreshed, tweaking the interface, and enhancing the software over time, according to an analysis by research firm IDC.

Adobe’s offering should have appeal for companies that are sidestepping the IT department to drive their mobile app agendas.

My 2 cents:

Adobe is making a series of important plays in launching its Adobe Experience Manager Mobile. Mobile first? Check! Onboard developers? Yup! Cater to the new breed of “Mad Men” (PMMs that is)? Check! As product marketing efforts grow across medium to large tech companies, there is no time or sense for IT departments to hold the key to impact messaging and Adobe is offering a brilliant solution that is not only unique but also leverages Adobe’s best assets in the market.

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