A new social media app for college students rolled out last week, but keep your Snapchat selfies and party photos away from this one, and bring on the blazers.

LinkedIn’s new mobile app, LinkedIn Students, launched April 18 on iOS and Android. Like LinkedIn, it helps users build a career-oriented network and explore the job market, but is customized for their unique needs as students.

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Young people are no strangers to LinkedIn. Approximately 40 million of the website’s 414 million users are either college students or recent graduates, Wu says. But after talking to students about their experiences on the site, the company found their interface wasn’t entirely student-friendly.

Users can then click on the job category to learn more details, such as which companies are currently looking to fill that role, the position’s median salary and its prospective growth in the job market, which the company calculates by measuring the change in number of LinkedIn users of that same profession on yearly basis. If students “save” the job, it is then added to a separate menu where it can be accessed later.

App users also receive a daily list of alumni from their university who studied the same major, giving them the opportunity to connect on LinkedIn or simply “save” their profile and receive their LinkedIn updates.

In a 2014 report by Jobvite, an online recruiting platform,  94% of 1,855 recruiters and human resources professionals from a variety of industries reported in a survey that they used LinkedIn to search for job candidates. In a job market so dependent on the web, University of California-Los Angeles career center director Wesley Thorne says it’s becoming increasingly important for students entering the workforce to have access to apps like LinkedIn Students.

My 2 cents:

With the recent dip in LinkedIn stocks, many have questioned if there is a place fore LinkedIn as users skew to job searching or socializing tools as opposed to the middle ground LinkedIn has found itself covering. Yet, behind the scenes, LinkedIn has been hatching its full spectrum plan. Through the release of its add on apps Pulse, Job Search and most recently LinkedIn Students, LinkedIn is standing by its vision of piloting the world’s leading professional portal, where its about meeting people, training for AND landing the job.

LinkedIn Students, is a targeting play in an effort to deliver excellence to crowd that is aware and approving of LinkedIn. It is also a differentiating move that one-ups the Job Vites, Monsters and Glassdoors by adding a community aspect to the search. Finally, it is a crucial strategic move in an effort to conquer the point of entry that is college and break the existing idea that LinkedIn is where you browse where your Job Vites are where you execute.

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