For many MBA students, Google is now a top recruiting choice. It’s generally not the highest paying choice or the choice with the most professional certainty – and traditionally getting an MBA is in part about creating a kind of professional certainty for yourself. So: why Google?

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The MBA that prefers Google cares about his or her skill set, and wants to be where the action is: digital disruption. Digital disruption is probably the single most exciting thing happening in business and that’s where these MBA’s want to be. Their ability to contribute hands-on in an interdisciplinary team (designers, developers, growth hackers, data scientists, etc.) is most important. That doesn’t mean they need to be an expert in each of those disciplines – it means understanding the disciplines well enough to be a good collaborator, and being able to use the tools of design thinking to solve hard problems.

In practice, of course, the students end up at all sorts of tech companies (and even McKinsey!). They’re successfully applying the skills above as product managers, marketing managers, and founders. It looks like the MBA of tomorrow is really going to enjoy working in the kind of interdisciplinary agile teams that are disrupting and improving the industries where they operate.

My 2 cents:

It’s all about solving real world, mission-critical problems… and building a re-applicable tool kit. What this means for tech however is a potential disruption of the cultural practices and values that have historically spelled success. The free thinking culture, hands-on approach and feeling of being part of the cutting edge of the market’s evolution is attracting a new wave of non-techs to the tech mother ship itself. Google and Mckinsey’s similarities go beyond their status as most desirable by the MBA class: they’re statement companies, elbow deep in shaping how companies and industries behave, and, most importantly, quick to place those new recruits into the field.

The industry stands to gain a serious influx of freshly minted, framework savvy MBAs and with them, a holistic approach to the evolution of multiple industries and how tech giants like Google can contribute to and gain from less obvious macroeconomic trends and an uncanny ability to make sense of and apply that BIG Data. The MBA stands to gain insight and experience in dealing with the fundamental language and operators behind the our generation’s technological revolution: code and coders to severely oversimplify.

That being said, the tech industry might have to brace itself against an injection of framework driven, midnight oil burning invaders.

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