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Monday: Starbucks, Microsoft, Amazon
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Salesforce has acquired MinHash, TechCrunch has learned. Salesforce confirmed to us that it has acquired the a young startup based in Palo Alto co-founded by two data science engineers formerly with eBay and Avaya.

Tell me more!

MinHash had developed an AI platform as well as a “personal assistant” called AILA to crawl to and from the many corners of the Internet, pull out relevant trends for marketers, and help them construct campaigns around those trends. Salesforce could be making this acquisition to build out its big-data analytics for marketers, but it isn’t sharing the details of what the MinHash team will be working on.

That could include features like tracking user behavior and creating interest graphs for particular audiences; clustering algorithms to target “lookalike” audiences; and scanning of sources surfacing trending keywords and other signals automatically and doing it with continuity with a company’s existing (and other company’s existing) campaigns and what ever other information that you feed to it.

My 2 cents:

From start-ups to consolidated conglomerates and everywhere in between, the order is to “sweat” data assets pertaining to consumer behavior. With rising demand comes mounting pressure on Salesforce to continuously deliver a differentiated product in the face of rising competition; acquisitions like MinHash are paths to retain and capture clients alike.

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